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Medicare has two base parts. Part A (hospitals) and Part B (doctors). Part A is usually free. Part B has a monthly premium. In 2024 that base premium is $174.70 per month. That premium can go up or down depending on income and plan choice.

If you are collecting Social Security in any form, you will have the Part B premium taken out of your check each month automatically. If you are not yet collecting Social Security, Medicare will send you a quarterly direct bill. Once you receive your first bill you can change the frequency of your payments. Once you collect Social Security you will quit being billed and the premium will be taken automatically.

Medicare decisions are far from one size fits all and have to address YOUR needs and concerns. Some decisions are NOT reversible once you pass your 65th birthday! Working with an established and independent broker (such as ourselves) costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time, which I guarantee will be well worth it. We simply answer your questions and help you shop the entire market. 

Medicare can impose penalties for late enrollment, gaps in coverage, or having income higher (IRMAA) than a certain threshold based on your tax return 2 years prior to today. There are certain forms and workarounds to paying premiums and penalties, but they only apply to certain situations. We can help navigate practically any situation.